Spa Spotlight
Jahoon Spa
by Michele Elyzabeth
Tucked away in the middle of Koreatown in Los Angeles is a spa like no other. Actually it is more of a healing retreat that you must experience at least once in your life.
As an avid spa-goer, and after watching a story on television about the treatments that were offered to its patrons, I had to experience the Jahoon Spa for myself. A quick call and a chat with the owner, Kate Park, would only reinforce my desire to see what it was all about. As the opportunity arose, my first question was: What does Jahoon mean?
Koreans believe that receiving Jahoon Healing Therapies decrease recovery time for injuries and between normal workouts, increase body awareness, lower heart rate and blood pressure, improve circulation, anti-aging, improve skin health, relieve muscle tension, stiffness, and reduce muscle spasms, improve joint flexibility and range of motion, strengthen immune system, reduce pain and swelling, balance physical and mental energies, reduce formation of excessive scar tissue, diminish mental and physical stress, reduce anxiety levels, relieve fatigue, increase relaxation and reduce stress, reduce body fat and increase muscle mass among other things. Of course after hearing all of this, I made an appointment for the first available day.
My first impression, as soon as stepped through the doors of the 100 year-old house, was an undeniable climate of serenity. Going up the stairs, I was shown to a waiting area were another patron was conversing with Kate. A quick change and I was ready to experience Jahoon, a Korean practice reserved specifically for women. It is a relaxing/cleansing treatment which consists of sitting on a cedar open chair allowing specially blended and steamed herbs, along with an infrared light and amethyst crystals. Perfect for cleansing, toning, and nourishing your reproductive organs, Jahoon activates the reflexology zones one after another, engaging the multiple channels of internal meridians until the full flower of energy is experienced throughout the body. Though the idea might appear a bit strange, it definitely works.
Kate is not only the owner, but she is also a massage therapist. She explained that her Spa is a full spectrum healing facility dedicated to providing an oasis to relax, rejuvenate, restore and reconnect with yourself by combining modern advances in healing touch with therapies used for over 100 centuries, the center offers:
Integrated Massage Therapy – Intuitive Skin Care – Energy Medicine and Feldenkrais.
After the Jahoon session, I had Kate’s integrated massage therapy, comparable to a multi-faceted body therapy that consists of five or more modalities to address specific areas of the body.
After an initial consultation I experienced the 90 minutes treatment and it would include a little bit of everything: Circulatory (Swedish), Deep Tissue, Lymphatic Drainage, Advanced Muscle Reconditioning, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Passive Joint Mobilization, Sensory Repatterning Therapy, Acupressure, Postural Integration, Trigger Point, Applied Physiology, and Trepidation. This massage, which to me resembles more than a Thai massage is not always pleasant, it even hurts at times. But, at the end of the day, it certainly releases pressure and therefore works.
Next came the Energy Medicine:
Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that determines a lot about health. Flow, balance, and harmony can be non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system by touch, verbal communication, exercises/postures, and focused use of the mind to move specific energies, and/or by surrounding an area with healing energies.
Then came the facial:
Intuitive skincare at the Jahoon Healing Center was developed as a deep cleansing of the skin, hydrating and exfoliating, using high levels of active ingredients and modern technology that make your skin look and feel rejuvenated instantly.
After determining your current skin condition, their skin therapist will create an intuitive treatment recipe infused with organic creams and lotions. Sessions last 90 minutes and include a series of massage techniques using acupressure points, lymphatic drainage strokes, and facial massage strokes designed to firm sagging skin, stimulate blood and oxygen, release toxins, and soften lines.
Again as for the massage, a bit rough for my taste but it did the trick. This is why I recommend trying it for yourself. You can only feel better at the end of it all.
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