Gadgets for Modern Man

It is not all to know how to dress; it is also necessary to think of the indispensable accessories without which an outfit would cruelly lack style.

Your dressing room is made up of lots of classy clothes, but have you thought about the trendy little details that are so important? You may have the chicest outfits of the moment; however, if you do not know how to match them with other pieces, you will lose much of your elegance. From an aesthetic point of view, accessories are elements that enhance the sets you wear & bring a final touch essential to your look

  1. Watch

You must have one around your wrist, if only to read the time, first of all! It is, also, a kind of jewel which, depending on its design, will give you a specific class. The models are innumerable, classic or resolutely modern, dressed with a leather or sports bracelet with a steel bracelet, a black dial that reminds your costume of dark or white to go with your clean shirt. Don’t forget to take a watch the size of which is by your morphology, too big, it’s ridiculous, too small, it’s cheap. Finally, go to a professional, a manufacturer whose job it is that will guide you and help you with your choice.

  1. Sunglasses

You’re a star, aren’t you? If not, you could play to be one, what do you think? Buy a nice pair, rather classic to go with everything & spend a certain amount of money on it, first to protect your eyes from light & Sun (that’s the main goal) but also to put on the tip of your nose a chic model that adds something to your natural look. Take, preferably, glasses adapted to your sight, for that, see an optician who will tailor to your budget & will give you valuable advice.

  1. Tie & bow tie

The first fits perfectly with the costume provided you choose a soft, monochrome, white, powder pink, past red or downright classic, black, navy blue, etc. the second is very stylish and allows much more madness as long as you stay in the sphere of good taste. Maybe you’ll find some in the locker room.

  1. Belt

Impossible to buy anything other than leather of very very good quality, it will last longer & will be much more beautiful to the eye. To do well, you have to have several in different tones, a black, a Brown, a navy blue or, why not, Bordeaux. A word of advice, try it before you buy it because it has to be your size. Look in the street; you’ll be surprised!

  1. The scarf

First of all, the material is essential for this accessory; the cashmere or the wool seems perfect for this winter. These two colors will bring out your clothes, the red brick or the purple pulling on the mauve. The black one is hyper classic, but possible, the white one is “chic”, but rather for a trendy evening. In summer, prefer cotton crèche.

  1. Bracelet

It is usually made of leather and steel, and the designers have taken it to heart to release models that kill, understand, at the same time, original & refined.

Choose it in black & silver for a classy touch. Forget stacking, rather reserved for girls or teenagers.

  1. The hat

If you are not afraid of the curfew, adopt a felt for rain or snow, your silhouette will only be increased both figuratively and literally.

The cap is made of black or grey wool. Attention, it does not go to all heads, after, it is up to you to know if you want to be warm in the ears or not!

  1. Shoes

This piece of your wardrobe is essential in more than one way, know that your shoes speak of you according to that they are well-chosen & well waxed.

Leather is of course, again, no mediocrity, here you have to budget a lot to buy an exceptional piece.

If you only buy one, it will be black. Otherwise, you will also obtain a brown pair. Take a look at the Italian shoes, they are sublime, but it’s a matter of taste. Your choice.

Before going out with them, wear them at home to soften them up and be comfortable afterward.

  1. Bag

Whether in a shoulder strap or by hand, it will be made of quality leather, preferably (as always with this specific material).

You will be able to store your wallet, your wallet, your appointment book, and other trinkets.

  1. Gloves

Did you say sophisticated? Indeed, it is now; we see fewer and fewer men in the street with gloves on & this is a great pity for them, because, acknowledge that it feels good when the cold weather arrives.

Different leathers are possible, lovely gloves are expensive, but you will keep them for a long time if you are careful, because, after all, you will not wear them 12 months a year. Remember that leather is a “living” material, it moves over time, so take, so, your gloves tight enough around your hands, they will relax as you wear them.

Those made of wool are much less strong since they are not lined up and the material with which they are made is much more fragile.

With this panel pretty complete, you should be the hip man you want. An informed choice of costumes, beautiful shirts, some T-shirts & sweaters, a denim jeans brand & the trick is made!

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