Cutting Down On Calories
by Michele Elyzabeth
Summer is always a great time for shedding pounds. We want to look great in our clothes and bathing suits. There are no secrets to losing weight. You need to eat less and exercise more than usual. So let’s change a few things in our daily routine. To begin with, let’s replace lunch at least three times a week by substituting the meal with a protein bar or a shake. It’s good, filling and if you still feel that you need something else, add a salad combined with mushrooms, tomatoes and cucumbers. It works. Drink a lot of water or beverages with little to no calories, no sugar (always a plus). There are plenty of options available. Here below are some of my favorites.
Quest Nutrition Bars
Low Carb Protein Bars: 20g Protein & 4g Carbs … No Sugar Added … Gluten Free
Quest’s President, Tom Bilyeu, and his team are passionate about making bars that are specifically tailored to your diet and health needs without sacrificing your sweet tooth cravings. Quest Bars are one of the top protein bars in the country and were created from a simple idea: healthy food should taste amazing with zero compromises. Sugar doesn’t even exist in their bars. The only sugar comes from things like the nuts and freeze-dried fruit. The chocolate crumbles in Cookies & Cream and the white chocolate chunks in the White Chocolate Raspberry are made from scratch. And it tastes good!

Designer Whey Protein Bars Why.
So good! In 1988, David Jenkins, a three-time Olympic silver medalist who was simply passionate about the benefits of whey, boldly decided to start a company that offered uniquely formulated protein products to fitness-minded consumers.
Crispy and chewy, Designer Whey Protein Bars are delicious without the guilt. They are packed with 10g of protein (the right amount to power your active lifestyle and help curb hunger) and offer an excellent source of calcium, Vitamin C and B-vitamins, all for 170 calories or less! I recommend the peanut butter bars they are to die for.

Komplete Shake is my favorite shake. It tastes great and it is very filling. When I go to a movie close to dinner time, I take my Vanilla bliss with me and it does the trick.
Komplete shake from Kate Farms comes in three flavors: Cocoa Fudge, Vanilla Bliss and Jav’a Latte. For the chocolate lovers, I recommend the Cocoa Fudge. It’s a smooth malt-milk consistency with a taste similar to a malt shake. Komplete shakes are soy-free, dairy-free and gluten-free, made with organic rice protein! It is Non-GMO with organic ingredients and 21 superfoods. In a world where many people have switched to gluten-free diets, Komplete shake is the answer to those looking for something with the right ingredients and a sweet taste.
Cascade Ice Water
I am not an avid water drinker. I like to drink water moderately. I miss my carbonated drinks and do not wish to suppress all what life has to offer. I recently discovered Cascade Ice and it is delicious and super healthy. Cascade Ice is a zero calorie drink.
It is sodium free. Too much sodium increases your chances of developing high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease and even strokes. Caffeine free. Caffeine can cause restlessness, irritability and anxiety. Gluten free. Gluten allergies are relatively common and can affect children and adults. No carbs, contrary to the “empty carbs” found in other flavored sparkling water. Most flavored waters have an average of 32 grams of sugar per serving.
Cascade Ice is available in three categories and 31 great tasting varieties.
Lo Fruit Blend Beverage
There are plenty of sugary juices out there that claim to be ‘all-natural,’ but are actually heavy in sugars and alternative flavoring. LATF found a healthy juice line, perfect for summertime: LO Real Fruit Juice Blend Beverage. This is a great drink for those on a diet plan because it is a low glycemic juice alternative made with premium Organic ingedients sweetened with Organic Blue Agave and Stevia extract. You don’t have to worry about processed sweeteners.
There are no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Juices such as Gatorade and Cranberry Cocktails are at the top of the glycemic index, meaning they are high in carbohydrate intake.
LO juices have been clinically tested at the Glycemic Index Laboratories. What exactly is GI? It’s a numerical system which is determined by measuring how quickly blood glucose levels increase based on carbohydrate consumption.
We recommend trying all of the LO flavors cold on ice. Flavors include: Pomegranate, Acai-Blue, Pomegranate Mojito and Mango Mojito. You could even try mixing the flavors up over crushed ice in a cup, to make the perfect summer snow cone! Bottles are 10 fl oz.
LO is available at natural foods and specialty grocers across the U.S. such as Whole Foods, select Walgreen’s and Rite Aid stores, and online at

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