Vivitar’s Waterproof DVR 850W
During the summertime, outdoorsy techies are always looking for fun gadgets to get their hands on for hiking, diving, camping, you name it. Being one myself, you can always find me swimming at the beach or in the pool. So I wanted to try out a waterproof camera and capture all of the great moments under the sun. Luckily, Vivitar has a new waterproof digital video recorder: DVR 850W.
If you’ve ever worked with a Vivitar camera, then you know that most are beginner friendly. My red compact size DVR 850W basically fits in the palm of my hand and comes with a yellow wrist strap, making it easy to swim with. After charging the camera and inserting a 16GB SD card (sold separately), I dove right in (pun intended). Before filming, be sure to read the manual and change the date and time stamp, which appears in the lower right hand side of the camera screen. Capturing film underwater is all about your steady hand and aim of the lens. The 850W camera lens is positioned a bit higher than you might think. This means, when you think the camera is pointing straight, it’s actually a few inches higher. So pay attention to your target.
You can easily playback the footage and delete what you don’t want. My only issues with the camera are the buttons. It takes a little more force to depress the Play button inside, and is even more difficult when you’ve just come out of the water. However, it’s fairly simply to transfer your film files from the SD card to your computer. For MAC users, note that all Vivitar files are saved as .AVI files, so you may want to look into a converter in order to edit videos on your iMovie.
The DVR 850W is a great little camera for summer fun at the pool. It’s waterproof up to 5 meters and has a rechargeable lithium ion battery, 8x Digital Zoom, and a bright 2.4″ LCD. It comes in multiple colors from red to yellow, pink, purple, blue, grey and black.
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Otterbox Resurgence Power Case
There is nothing worse than when your iPhone runs out of battery power and there is no charger in sight. Otterbox to the rescue. Not only is Otterbox one of the best and most protective phone cases ever to exist, but their new power case is energized by a 2,000 mAh lithium ion battery. That is two times the battery power packed into one slim case. The front-facing LED displays the case power status in 25% increments. The case features exclusive auto-stop charge technology. By shutting the case off once your phone reaches 100% charge, this iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s battery case saves power for later. The two-piece design boasts military-rated drop defense for superior protection. Price $99.95

Pyle Audio Aqua SunBlast Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
Bluetooth speakers are one of the best gadgets these days. You can listen to your music anywhere and connect to your smartphone playlists. But what’s better than just your ordinary portable speaker? A waterproof one. Perfect for summer, the Aqua SunBlast is designed of marine grade construction and can float freely in the pool with no song interruption. You can stream music from your wireless bluetooth enabled device from up to 32ft. It even has a long battery life with four hours of play time. The speaker also has a MicroSD card reader, FM Radio and is packaged with a USB charging cable. Price $99.99

The Misfit Shine Wearables
The Misfit design is certainly a competitor to FitBit and Jawbone trackers. It’s sleek, small and can transform into a number of different wearables, from a watch to a shirt clip. This all-metal disc fitness-activity-tracker is an impressive gadget as it needs no battery whatsoever and is water resistant for up to 50 meters. After syncing the small circular device, you’re connected to an App, which monitors and shows your daily stats: counting calories, steps, sleep, etc. This is one of the first electronic products I’ve ever seen that needs no cables, recharging and has no buttons. The user-replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to six months. You can add a sports wristband for $19 and a stylish leather band for $49. Price $99.99.
Available at Apple Stores, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and select Verizon and Dick’s Sporting Goods stores.

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