Dr. Gyoung Park
A Sculptor With Golden Hands
by Michele Elyzabeth
The ancient Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle once said, “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” I truly agree with that statement. So, if you were not born with the looks of Elizabeth Taylor or Christie Brinkley and plastic surgery is available to you, why not go for it?
While Hollywood is notorious for its obsession with beauty and perfect shape, the U.S. is not the top plastic surgery spot in the world. The number one position by percentage of population goes to South Korea, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
That’s right, Seoul, South Korea has the largest clientele for beauty procedures according to “Trend Monitor,” an online hub for global sites where you can find anything from new innovations, to new product launches from top analysts all over the world. According to “Trend Monitor,” one in five women from Seoul have undergone some sort of plastic surgery, the most common procedures being liposuction, nose jobs and blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery.
Liposuction is an innovative and quick way to sculpt the body into a more desirable shape by removing unwanted, excess fat. It tones up muscles, increasing elasticity of the skin and treats cellulite and micro fat in the body. While you may not automatically get the post-operative care in the U.S., most Korean doctors believe that it is as important as the pre-operative care and make it part of the package.
Having had liposuction in the past, I was not totally uneducated about it, yet I did not know that Korean doctors were number one in plastic surgery. It was during lunch with my friend, who was vacationing in Los Angeles from Paris, France, that the subject of liposuction came up. No matter how closely I monitored my diet, or what exercise program I tried, I just could not get rid of the fat. During our conversation, she revealed that she had met with Dr. Gyoung Park, M.D. and that she had a procedure done during a previous visit. She could not stop raving about his techniques and recommended that I pay him a visit.
I immediately started researching Dr. Park’s “New Body Laser Center.” I found out that Dr. Park had received an extensive medical education, starting with a BS from the University of Hanyang in Seoul, South Korea, before entering the University of Michigan where he obtained a Master of Arts, Molecular Biology, as well as a Master of Science in Computer Engineering. He continued on with a medical education attending the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in Mexico City and later The University of Central East, in Ada Oklahoma, where he left in 1999 as an M.D. Shortly thereafter, he joined training programs in Internal Medicine in Caguas, Puerto Rico. In 2002, he entered the University of Guadalajara for two years, leaving with a Master in Aesthetic Medicine and Antiaging Medicine. He ended his medical training in 2010, with a Fellowship, in Aesthetic Surgery.
Now that I had a chance to know more about him, I booked an appointment with Dr. Park at his facility on Beverly Boulevard in the heart of Korea Town. I must admit that the very first thing I noticed when I entered his office was the kindness and care exuding from the personnel at the front desk, something that is quite rare these days, especially in a doctor’s office. I did not have to wait long after filling out the papers required. I was expected, and my time respected. Entering his office, Dr. Park was sitting behind his desk, a soft-spoken individual filled with understanding and compassion. He explained that he was not a plastic surgeon and that he was not interested in being one.
“I do not do noses or breasts. I like to use my hands and reshape people’s bodies. I like to make people feel good and look good. I do at least one, sometimes two, liposuctions per day.”
I had a few questions for Dr. Park and wanted to know why he preferred to administer local anesthesia, which I had, rather than general anesthesia. I have to admit that I was a bit apprehensive to undergo the procedure without being put completely under, yet I know for a fact that it is better for your heart. I also was curious to know why he spent almost 25 years of his life studying many different subjects. Speaking quite frankly, he revealed that he did not know what he really wanted to do from the start.
“I studied what my father wanted me to study, but it was not for me. I wanted to discover my passion and I found it. I did not study in fancy Universities, I worked in Mexico and Guadalajara, because I was given the freedom to really take care of people and help them. Once you have the technique you need the practice. I had an intense training. Many plastic surgeons do not care to do what I do because liposuction takes a long time and it is very physical. You sweat a lot to make the body even. It is tiresome.”
I learned that we could remove up to 70% of the fat in the body and that local anesthesia works as well. At the end of our conversation, I was given a consultation during which Dr. Park told me that I probably would have to do my body in two stages so that I could have the results I expected. I respected his honesty. I was made aware that I would have to follow the aftercare program. Once a week minimum, and for a three month period, I would receive a series of treatments administered by a machine sending ultrasound into the body. The session would help reduce and melt some of the fat cells lingering in the body. It also tightens the skin making the body smoother.
I have gone through the first step, and I look forward to having the rest done. Though it takes about five months to see the final results, I was delighted to see that I had a defined waist a month into it. By the way, liposuction does not necessarily mean that you will lose weight or that you can stop exercising and watching your diet. What is does is give you a jump start on the progress you seek while continuing the hard work still required to attain the type of body you want to have.
Dr. Park can reshape all parts of the body. He has great skills and if you are one who has contemplated doing liposuction, I recommend you go for a consultation. Unlike many other plastic surgeons, the visit is free of charge. His practice also offers hair implants, hair treatment, fillers and specialized facials.

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